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Mesotherapy is also known as Lipo Dissolve or LipoTherapy


What is mesotherapy

  • Mesotherapy is also known as Lipo Dissolve or LipoTherapy. 

  • This is an injectable option for the reduction of stubborn fat pockets. 

  • Mesotherapy may be new to you, but this form of fat reduction has been around since the 1950s. Mesotherapy is effective in multiple body areas, such as the abdominals, arms, thighs, chin, glutes, and hips under the eye and back.  Mesotherapy is commonly used among plastic and cosmetic surgeons, medical Spas, and other Aesthetic physicians. 

Treatment Areas

Hands on Stomach


To treat the annoying “double chin” We use Lipo dissolve to treat both lateral and mid-chin areas.  This type of injection requires an initial 2-3 sessions based on the amount of chin fat.


The stubborn fat of the arms can be frustrating, Lipo dissolve aids in amazing results showing fat loss within both arms.  Recommend at least 4 treatments session. 

Back, Stomach, Thighs & Love Handles

The loss of weight can be challenging, but not anymore! The use of Lipo Dissolve can be used in conjunction with any other body sculpting. 

  • What are the benefits of Body Sculpting?
    No incisions or scars! A non-invasive alternative to liposuction/laser liposuction Pain-Free procedure No downtime or recovery period Cardio exercise and drinking water can accelerate results. Quick 30-minute treatment Excellent return on investment (a course of 8-10 sessions is usually recommended) Only 72 hours are required between treatments.
  • How does the Body Sculpting work?
    Body Sculpting uses a laser technique that penetrates through 10 layers of fat and targets only fat cells. This treatment breaks down fat cells into fatty free acids, glycerol, and water by absorbing laser energy. As a result, these broken-down products serve as a source of energy for the body and the lymphatic system transports them as waste. .
  • How long is the treatment and how many should I have?
    A Body Sculpting treatment session starts with you lying supine; laser paddles are then applied to the target area of concern for 30 minutes to 1 hours, depending on whether other contouring services are provided before your laser lipo.
  • Will the fat return?
    You can decrease the chances of repeat weight gain if you follow a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise.
  • Can anyone have the treatment done?
    Body sculpting is suitable for most people who are in good health. If you have a pacemaker, liver disease, cardiac/vascular disease, and endocrine disorder, uncontrolled diabetes, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, these conditions are contraindicated and cannot be treated.

"The greatest wealth is health, and hydration is the foundation of good health." 



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